What breed of dog suits you?

What breed of dog suits you best?

Deciding to get a dog, particularly if you are a first-time owner, is very exciting, but choosing the breed which will suit your family and lifestyle best is absolutely imperative too.

There are so many dogs abandoned to rescue centres because, through no fault of their own, simply don’t suit the family that chose them. If you are out all day and have little time to walk or play with you dog, it would be a mistake to choose a breed that requires lots of exercise and stimulation; likewise if you pick a dog that barks a lot and live in a flat, you will soon be getting complaints from neighbours.

Two Border Terriers
Border Terriers are a perfect breed for families

When choosing a dog for myself, it was important that it could get out of a small dog flap to access the garden when out at work, so that immediately limited the size. I also have grandchildren and lots of family and friends visiting, so the breed I chose needed to be friendly and sociable. I didn’t want a barker, and I didn’t want my house to be covered in dog hair either. I love to walk, so whilst I wanted a breed that enjoyed excise, I didn’t want a dog that would destroy my house from boredom if left alone for any length of time. In the end I chose Border Terriers – and am delighted as they have fitted in very well and become much loved members of our family. Also, my own vet and Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick own Border Terriers so if they are good enough for them …

Before choosing your breed of dog, it’s well worth doing an online quiz to help decide which traits will suit you best (see links below).