Watch how the system works

Don’t put up with a mucky dog anymore

The KleenDog system is designed to make your life easy and clean.


Creates a calm bathing experience for the dog.

Dry / Wet

Dry & wet areas of the bath

Super Towel

2 sided Standard Towel: one side with long hairs to absorb up to 10 times more water than a normal towel, with No Need to rub.  The other side with short hairs to polish the dog’s coat to a shine.

Shaped perfectly

The towel is shaped to cover the whole dog

Non-Slip Mat

Non-Slip Mat to protect the bath and to ensure your dog does not slip.

Storage Bag

Easy and convenient storage with the Net bag provided.

UK Designed

KleenDog is a British company that have designed and manufactured the KleenDog bath system and we are proud to say all stock is UK based and processed speedily and locally.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “The Kleendog bath system has transformed bath time for our labrador puppy! The amount of mess from my very active labrador pup after her bath normally takes longer to clear up than bath time itself! Not any more. The bathmat has stopped her slipping all over the bath, and the divider means we can wash her in one side of the bath, and then dry her in the other side, and it stops the water going absolutely everywhere. The best part of this bath package for dogs, however, is the towel! I have used a good few towels now, as we know labs love the water, but this one dries her so quickly and it is really soft and perfectly sized too. I would definitely recommend this to any dog owner looking to keep bath time under control!” Kerry from Hitchin


Order with confidence. Should you not be entirely happy with your item, we have a 14 day returns policy from the date of delivery.

Kleendog Bath System

Some dogs find the experience of being bathed in a ‘human’ bath tub pretty daunting – a huge container of water with a very slippery surface – it’s hardly surprising that they might try to bolt (leaving scratch marks and a torrent of water shakes during a frantic exit!).

The Kleendog Bath System consists of three unique components:

1. The Kleendog Bath Barrier
fits most standard baths ‘damming’ the water and creating a calming confined area at one end of the bath.
2. The Kleendog Bath Mat
is made from heavy duty PVC with 72 suction cups providing a sturdy, non-slip surface not only reassuring your dog, but protecting your bath surface from unsightly scratches.
3. The Kleendog Bath Robe
is a unique towelling robe which is placed at the dry end of the bath. Once washed, simply lift the dog from the water into the Robe and guide it into place, encasing the dog’s body but keeping its head free. Then watch as the Robe works its magic and the gorgeously soft microfibres absorb up to seven times more water than a regular towel without rubbing.
4. The Kleendog Bath Net
a bespoke net bag allowing air circulation and a suction cup to store your Kleendog Bath Barrier and Kleendog Bath Mat tidily away ready for use next time.

Your dog is clean and dry without having to leave the bath – saving yourself and the bathroom from a torrent of water shakes!

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