Because Every fun loving
dog loves to get mucky
2 years ago

Paul Harrison

We were given a Kleendog Bath System for Christmas – and it’s fantastic. Our dog usually hates having a bath and fights to escape. However, the bath barrier enclosed one end of the bath and the mat stopped him slipping and we managed to bath him without the usual fuss and manic shaking. The Bath Robe is pretty awesome too – he was practically touch dry in minutes. In fact, we are going to purchase a second Bath Robe to keep in the car for when we get back from our muddy walks in the woods – a belated Christmas present to my car!! ??

2 years ago

Larna Harber

Our Kleendog kit arrived yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out. We today did a walk with the puppy around our local lake which was very wet and muddy; so it was home for a bath and I can’t recommend this product enough! Bath time was made so much easier with the divider and she didn’t try to jump out like normal; the super absorbent towel is amazing! If you have a dog and haven’t purchased this kit go and get yourself one, it is amazing!

2 years ago

Bev C.
(verified owner)

This product is great. It has cut drying time down enormously. The size covers all of the dog and they seem to enjoy the snuggle factor. Saw the stand at discover dogs and was very pleased with the service and attitude of the company.

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