How often should I bath my dog?

How often should I bath my dog?

Once you have welcomed your new pooch into your home, worked out which food he likes to eat, where he is going to sleep (how long did it take for you to cave in and allow him prime position on your bed? 😂) – you are probably wondering about his personal hygiene (particularly if there is now a distinct doggy whiff about the house!)

There is no hard and fast rule about how often to bath your dog – you don’t want to scrub him too often as it will remove the natural oils from his coat and may cause dry skin problems. Probably about once a month is plenty – unless of course he has rolled in something unpleasant!


Which shampoo should I use?

Just like humans – there are lots of different dog shampoos on the market with various claims to kill fleas and promote good skin health. It is best to try a few (test a small skin area first to ensure there is no irritation) and stick with the brand that you like best. If you dog has skin problems (such as itchy or dry skin) your vet will be able to recommend a shampoo to help.

Where should I bath my dog?

If you have a large dog, it may be a challenge to get him upstairs to the bathroom and into the bath tub (unless you want to put your back out in the process!) In this case it is probably easier to give him a scrub outside in the garden. Use a couple of buckets of warm soapy water to wash him, and then either rinse with fresh warm water or (if the weather isn’t too cold) rinse him off with a hose. Once he has had a good shake, use a quality microfibre dog towel (the Kleendog Bath Robe is perfect for this) to soak up excess water.

Small and medium-sized dogs are easier to wash in the bath tub – and this is where the Kleendog Bath Barrier comes into its own, as it divides the bath into two sections creating a washing and drying area (and stops the dog shaking water all over the bathroom!). As above, wash and soap your dog and rinse with clean water. Finish by wrapping him in a Kleendog Bath Robe which will absorb all of the last drips and stop him shaking and making a mess of your bathroom.

How do I get my dog used to a bath?

If your dog has never been bathed before, it might be quite a scary experience, so it is important to make it as stress free as possible. Introduce him to the bath room (perhaps sit and stroke or brush him and give him treats before introducing him to the bath). Before the actual bath day, it might also be a good idea to stand him in the bath (on a bath mat such as the Kleendog Bath Mat to prevent him slipping and scaring him) and give him some treats as a reward.

The first time that you bath your dog, keep the water shallow and don’t drag the bath out for too long. Give him a gentle enjoyable massage and treats to reward him for being good – once he is used to the experience you can concentrate on giving him a thorough wash next time. Just like humans, some dogs love a bath and some hate it. Be patient and try not to scold as this will make him object to the experience even more.

What you need for your dog’s bath:

  • Buckets and hose if washing outside
  • Kleendog Bath Barrier and Kleendog Bath Mat if using the family bath
  • Shampoo
  • Shower hose or plastic cup for rinsing
  • Cotton wool or small flannel to wipe the dogs eyes
  • Large towel – or a quality microfibre robe such as the Kleendog Bath Robe which quickly dries the dog without rubbing
  • A dog brush to smooth and detangle his coat (if your dog doesn’t like to be brushed you can use the reverse side of the Kleendog Bath Robe to smooth his coat)

Good luck – and happy bathing!