Bath Robe

Microfibre Towel

  • 7 x more absorbent than regular towels
  • Uniquely shaped to fit your dog
  • Stops dog shaking the water everywhere
  • Heavyweight High-Tec Advanced Microfibre
  • Smooth dry system rubbing
  • Double sided, easy care, washable

The Kleendog Bath Robe is a unique design specifically with active muddy dogs in mind.

Made from gorgeously soft fabric and using advanced technology, the Robe is 400gsm double-sided microfibre which absorbs water seven times faster than regular towelling. This means that a dog can be washed and dried in a super-fast time with the least possible fuss. Simply pull into place, encasing the dog’s body, but leaving the head free, and the Robe works its magic without needing to rub.

The Robe has two sides – the interior surface with long microfibres and super-absorbent properties; and the exterior surface with shorter microfibres which can be used to smooth the dog’s coat and catch any stray drops of water after drying.

As well as using the Kleendog Bath Robe as part of your dog’s regular bath routine, it is also ideal for protecting your car after long, muddy walks. Simply wrap your dog in the Robe inside the car for the journey home – and once you arrive, most of the moisture will have been absorbed, making less mess in the house before his bath.

The Kleendog Bath System comes with one Kleendog Bath Robe – but if you have additional pooches or need a backup Robe then these can be purchased separately.