Protect your dog from thieves

The Dogs Trust, a leading UK dog’s charity, reported in November 2020 that some breeds of puppy are now being sold for over DOUBLE the normal price. Worryingly, dog thefts are on the rise. We thought we would share this interesting blog by DIY Gardening which suggests ways to help protect your dogs from theft. https://diygardening.co.uk/dog-safety/

What breed of dog suits you?

What breed of dog suits you best? Deciding to get a dog, particularly if you are a first-time owner, is very exciting, but choosing the breed which will suit your family and lifestyle best is absolutely imperative too. There are so many dogs abandoned to rescue centres because, through no fault of their own, simply don’t suit the family that chose them. If you are out all day and have little time to walk or play with you dog, it would be a mistake to choose a breed that requires lots of exercise and stimulation; likewise if you pick a…

How often should I bath my dog?

How often should I bath my dog? Once you have welcomed your new pooch into your home, worked out which food he likes to eat, where he is going to sleep (how long did it take for you to cave in and allow him prime position on your bed? 😂) – you are probably wondering about his personal hygiene (particularly if there is now a distinct doggy whiff about the house!) There is no hard and fast rule about how often to bath your dog – you don’t want to scrub him too often as it will remove the natural oils…